Search background DNMRs

      Search background DNMRs (DNMR-GC, DNMR-SC, DNMR-MF, DNMR-DM and DNMR-average) for a gene or range of DNMR. DNMR of loss-of-function (LoF), missense (Mis) and synonymous (Syn) can also be reached.

Search variant frequencies in human genetic variation databases

      Search variant frequencies for a single gene, single exon, genomic region (GRCH37/hg19), or genomic locus based on human genetic variation databases including ExAC, ESP6500, UK10K, 1000G and dbSNP.

Examples:                 Single gene:CD55
Single exon:NM_001114752:exon2
     Genomic position:chr14:21853775-21855319
     Genomic locus:chr14:21859996