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DNA methylation plays critical roles in regulation of gene expression during various biological processes, such as X chromosome inactivation, genomic imprinting, embryogenesis and maintenance of genomic integrity. Likewise, aberration in DNA methylation has been implicated to involve in a large number of diseases and tracts, such as autoimmune disorders, aging and cancer.

RRBS (reduced-representation bisulphite sequencing), combining genomic DNA digestion with certain restriction enzyme followed by high-throughput sequencing of digestion fragments, has provided quantitative methylation measurements for several million CpGs and widely used in a cost-effective way.

Main function of RRBS-Analyser

However, increasing demands are imposed on the development of bioinformatics software and analysis pipelines used for interpretation of the huge amounts of data generated from RRBS. Herein, we developed RRBS-Analyser to server as a comprehensive pipeline for RRBS data. It holds the following functions:
  Assessing the sequencing quality and generate the basic statistical information.
  Alignment the bisulfite-treated short reads to the reference genome.
  Identificate the methylcytosines and associate them with different genomic features in the CG, CHG and CHH pattern.
  Detection, annotation and visulization the differentially methylated region (DMR)
The workflow of RRBS-Analyser
Results presentation of RRBS-Analyser